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How do I check the status of my medical form?

Once your medical form is submitted, here are some notes about the rest of the process.

It generally takes at least two to three to be processed if the form is 100% completed and acceptable. It can take much longer if there are issues that need to be reviewed by the National Medical Director.

If the form is accepted, there is no email notification, you are supposed to log in to your NRS account and check your profile under "License/Membership". You will see a Medical Exam with an expiration date there if it has been completed.

If your form is not accepted, which is usually because you haven't submitted a completed form, you'll usually be notified of this with two to three days of submission.

Please note that there is no phone number to call for a status update. If you had an email bounce or a fax not go through, you can email with the question "Have you received a med form for (your name)?" to which you can expect a yes or no answer usually within one to two days.