Changes to the Medical Process for 2024!

We're always working towards a better competitor experience here at NASA Rally Sport and are excited to announce some changes to our medical process!  These changes have been rolling out over the last year and will make it easier to compete with us in 2024! 

First, medicals now expire at the end of the calendar year.  No more worrying about your expiration date mid season!  When you check your expiration date on the page in your account for updating your membership and license, you will now see an end of year date. 

RallyMoto regulations updated!

Hello RallyMoto Racers!

Check out for an update to Section 4 and a recent bulletin, pertaining to RallyMoto competitors.  

While updating basic safety requirements, we took the opportunity to review and include things that you, the RallyMoto competitor, have been asking for.  Things like running airless tire systems at events without tarmac, and getting rid of complicated turn signal rules. 

Changes to license fees and the PRO license for 2024.

PRO class car

Hello Racers!

After several years of license fees staying the same, your NASA Rally Sport license fee has been increased to $110 for 2024.  However, this comes with good news!  The increase allows us to provide all competitors with a new set of FREE vinyl at registration for every event.  

Being a grassroots organization and racers ourselves, we never like to see any of the costs increase.  But doing so helps us to invest in improvements, and enables us to offer an even simpler and more generous vinyl plan for competitors.