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What should I sign up for as a first time volunteer?

Positions like "0 Car" and "Sweep" ARE a lot of fun, but as a first time volunteer, you don't yet have the experience or training to do those things. How can you get started learning all there is to know about stage rally?

We suggest you sign up for a Timing Control: Stage Start Control / Countdown OR Stage Finish Control / Timing. Working a stage as a start or finish means you'll learn all about time cards, scoring, and controls. Plus you get to interact directly with the competitors. Start rally cars from your location, or time their finish as they race across the line!

Are you a communicator with your Amateur Radio License? We suggest you sign up to be a blockage. HAM Radio Operators are a highly prized commodity! You get a front row seat the action, you'll keep track of cars that go past, and keep our racers safe!