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CUP Iron Mule Rally August 26! 110 Stage Miles!

CUP Iron Mule rally graphic

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Use Passcode CUPIM23 in Sportity or check out the details on the Sportity web at:

Your hard working Michigan organizers and NASA Rally Sport invite you out to an all new event in Felch Michigan this August!  Come on out and join us on the tough and twisty gravel at the 2023 CUP Iron Mule Rally on August 26!  Following suit with the addition of reconnaissance at Hardwood Rally this year, the Iron Mule Rally will have the best of both worlds with Jemba notes provided and plenty of recce time to see the roads with your own eyes.

The Iron Mule name is a throwback to some of the legendary Upper Michigan events run as part of a regional series in the 80s, when there was a regional event of the same name on some of the same roads.

Your senior volunteer committee is working hard to put the finishing touches together.  Check out the Supplemental Regulations and get your entry in now in your NASA Rally Sport account!

Iron Mule Rally is a Rallysprint style event with 110.7 stage miles and only 7.3 miles of transits.  The road surface is similar to Hardwood in some places and tighter in others. Lots of nicely crowned gravel, set in rolling hills. For about half the rally, the Iron Mule roads are tighter than Hardwood with lower average speeds and lots of twisties. It'll be a nice mix of open and tighter sections.  Being a Rallysprint style event means there is time at the turnarounds to hang out for a few minutes with your fellow rally crews, take a few pictures, or make minor repairs and adjustments to your car.  Bring a sharp set of rally tires, your best Recce game, and all your driver skill for this fourth and final round of the Atlantic Rally Cup!

As with all events, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities. Create an account at the link above and sign up to help out!  Whether you're not yet racing, not still racing, or just enjoy the great rewards of helping out at race weekend - It's always a great time and still one of my favorite ways to plug into the rally community.

NASA Rally Sport is North American Amateur Rally Racing!  We are here to help you be successful.  Come on out and share a great weekend with us!

Check out some stage preview videos: