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I see lots of rally cars with huge stickers, how did they get sponsored?

The curious thing is... they usually didn't. You might see a huge Ford, Mazda, Mopar, or anything else on the car, but the general bills are still being paid by the driver.Some of the smaller stickers you'll see on the cars might be "contingency stickers", which means that if the racer does well at that race, that company might give them a free tire. Some of the stickers are sponsors of the event or series, but the racers receive no cash from that.

But what about the big wraps? Even those are generally purchased by the racer, even if they have the name of some big company. In the US, the number of drivers that receive real money for racing is about one percent of the total racer pool. And that translates to about three or four people.

But why? Why do they put those huge vinyl wraps on the cars if they're not really factory teams? Well, that's easy: it's fun and it looks cool. :)