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What are the first things I should do when I get to the rally?

The first thing you should do when you get to a rally is always the same: sign the waiver at registration. You might be traveling with the race team, or you might be getting there before them, or after them. In all cases, heading straight to registration to sign the waiver is the correct thing to do.

You don't need to have your driver or other race members with you. Just walk in, head over to the racer registration table, and say "Hi, I'm crewing for Johnny Black. I need to sign the waiver." The registration volunteers will happily get you all squared away.

Meet up with your team. The next task is to scout the town. You want take a quick drive around and take note of where there are some gas stations, some restaurants, and general supply stores like WalMart, auto-supply stores, and the grocery store. Stop in at the grocery store and stock up with food for race day. You won't have time to get it while you're crewing.

Find out where the start of the rally is going to be. Drive over there just so you know where it is. Now find out where service is going to be set up. If it's close by and there's no work to be done on the car or bike, head over there to make sure you know exactly where you'll be headed the next day. If there are multiple service areas, this may not be practical.

Take note of who else is running a car like yours. Make notes on their car numbers, and go introduce yourself. You may need to borrow parts or knowledge from them, so best to get acquainted now.