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How do I get my car to the rally?

Two ways: Tow it there with a trailer, or go ironman-style and drive it there! Seriously!

Most people tow their vehicles to the event, but a few drive their competition car to the event. Driving the car to and from requires you to be a little more careful to not break the car at the event. But really, if you did break the car, it's really a couple phone calls, and you've rented a truck and trailer from UHaul or Enterprise, and then you hitch a ride over to pick it up, and you're on your way. Is it the most efficient way? No, but it's available and fun and cheap and it's a great adventure, especially for your first year rallying.

You should not buy a trailer or tow rig your first year of rallying. The cost versus reward doesn't pay off. You should definitely rent trailers till your third season or so. Spend the money on entry fees instead.