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What are the main activities I need to accomplish once I arrive at the rally?

Once you get to the rally the first place you need to go is registration. Signing the waiver is the first thing you need to do. While you're there, you'll also pick up the route books, any stickers needed, and check for last minute bulletins. It's common for teams to arrive in pieces, so it's alright for the navigator to arrive and sign the waiver, then later the driver, then later the crew. Just make sure everyone gets there and gets their waivers signed.

The second item on your list is to get to tech inspection. The racers (driver / navigator / rider) don't have to be at tech, but all their safety gear does. So if the car and all the safety gear is there, the crew is allowed to take the car to tech.

The last thing is to get to Parc Exposé. That's where all the race vehicle gather for the start of the race.

So, pretty straightforward:

  1. Registration
  2. Tech
  3. Parc Exposé and Start

Now, there's usually a bunch of other things stuffed in there. Buying food for tomorrow, getting stickers on, checking your route book and stage notes, perhaps recce, attaching that last minute doodad to the rally car.