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2013 Magnum Opus Rally Live Coverage

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Image: Tim Maskus
Tuesday June 11 10:40 AM
Magnum Opus will have 3 spectators points of which to view the rally. 1 at the Luce County Fairgrounds and 2 West of Newberry. ( Bring plenty of bug spray )

Image: Tim Maskus
Thursday April 25 8:16 PM
Sup Regs are up >>>>

Image: Tim Maskus
Friday March 22 6:54 AM

Magnum Opus Rally Announces New Summer Date


Newberry, MI March 21 2013

Magnum Opus is excited to announce a new, warmer summer date for the historic rally in the Upper Peninsula. June 22 will be replacing the April 20 date as the new day for rally cars to roar through the woods in Newberry Michigan. The roads selected for the event are currently impassible, and when the snow depth is measured in the center of the road it rates an amazing five feet, with twenty new inches falling in just the last several days.

"The weather has been amazingly good, if you ride snowmobiles." said Tim Maskus, the event chairman. "The quantity of snow is just huge, with drifts eight to ten feet deep. We're now just a month away from the old date, and there's still more snow in the forecast. I would love to have a snow rally, but what's stopping us is the actually ability to open these roads at all, for any sort of traffic, with any equipment."

The new calendar has already opened up new doors for the rally. WNBY has come on board as the official radio station of the rally. The radio station will be broadcasting live coverage of the superspecial stages to the entire area as well as interviewing the racers. The rally is also expanding the planned spectator areas to provide greater access for all the fans to see the amazing racing. The additional planning time is also allowing a limited number of exclusive VIP packages to be put together.

"I've been very impressed with the organizing group so far." said
Anders Green of NASA Rally Sport. "They're really building on the team cohesion they developed last year. I have to admire the determination they have to put on a rally that tops last year's excellent event. It's always tough to reschedule a rally, but they are driven to put on a great rally so they made that tough call. As much as I'm disappointed to delay my official introduction to the U.P. pasties, I can admit that I'm looking forward to having that culinary experience in the summer."

NASA Rally Sport, the grassroots rally sanctioning body in the US,
focuses on competitor fun and providing support for rally organizers. Providing tools, technology, and systems to the organizers, racers, and fans to increase their enjoyment of rally is a core mission of NASA Rally Sport. Making sure that rally remains a sustainable and affordable passion for the drivers and organizers while building the family of racers and volunteers that make rally happen goes hand in hand with that mission.

Media Contact: Anders Green

More information is available on:

NASA Rally Sport logo:

Magnum Opus Rally Logo:

Image: Tim Maskus
Thursday March 7 9:56 AM Please join our online forum. Ask questions, Comment, get important information.

Image: Tim Maskus
Thursday March 7 9:55 AM

Image: Tim Maskus
Monday February 11 12:53 PM
* NEW *

Magnum Opus has its own forum. Ask questions, get updates , Find lodging have discussons with fellow rally fans.

Just register at the link below. ( Due to hackers, on other forums we will be approving each registration )

Image: Tim Maskus
Thursday February 7 3:36 PM

We at Magnum Opus Rally are excited ! We will be keeping the same fee structure as last years event:

Early entry at $450. Now thru Arpil 14th.

Late entry at $550. April 15 thru April 20th.

Image: Tim Maskus
Thursday January 31 10:39 PM
As of 1/31/2013 we are at 10 entries for Magnum Opus Rally. Very exciting to see this much early interest in our first NASA Event ! Thanks to everyone for their support !

Keep in mind we are in need of Medical , Control Workers ( Start Finish ) , And Radio Operators..

Please spread the word and make sure you like Magnum Opus Rally on Facebook !