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Challenge Extreme Elite

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Single day 2018January13 Rallye MekinacSnow 180.1 km111.9 miles
Two days 2018April21 Rallye Sanair Tarmac160 km99.4 miles
Single day 2018June16 Rallye Saguenay Gravel202.6 km125.9 miles
Single day 2018November12 Rallye PortneufGravel 202.2 km125.6 miles
Single day 2018June6 Rallye Chic Choc Snow164.9 km102.4 miles

2019 Season Points

Mandatory Full-Service Fuel

What makes Canada a fantastic country to rally in? A combination of a massive amount of land, a low population density, and lots of twisty gravel roads. A by product of these same characteristics is that, unlike the United States with its much higher population density, there is not a gas station on every corner. In fact, at most of the events in the CXE series, you would have to drive 20 minutes away to find a gas station. And it may only have 87 or 89.

The good news is that Pantas Fuels has partnered with CXE to bring fuel to service area. Professionals in proper gear will fill up your rally cars for you in a refueling zone just outside service. The most commonly requested grade is 91, although race blends are also available. Unlike what you would find at the pump, these are more tightly controlled and tested fuels. And no ethanol, these are 100% gasoline. The drums are sealed at the refinery and brought directly to the rally to ensure no water condensation issues become a problem. The estimated total cost for this service varies on the type of fuel used, but over the past events it has come to be known that compared to purchasing 10-15% ethanol "regular 91" it costs a meager $20 to $40 more total per rally. Literally a very small price to pay for not having to haul fuel across borders, or bring fuel you didn't use back home. Use of the fuel service is required, and we appreciate the time and effort put in by Pantas Fuels who clearly provide this service for the love of rally.

Spec Tires

We are very fortunate to have the support of Distribution Pneus RT who has managed a huge group buy of Pirelli rally tires. To support this group buy, it is required that all racers compete on Pirelli tires at each round of the CXE series. Any new or used Pirelli tires are satisfactory, and it is not a requirement that they have to be purchased through Distribution Pneus RT, although their prices are so good that they have racers calling from Europe to try to buy their studded snow/ice tires and ship them back to Scandinavia!

We understand that some racers already have some gravel tires of another brand. Really, this only affects two out of the five events in the series. Most rally racers don't have tarmac tires anyway and would need to purchase tires from scratch, and the same concept applies to the winter events, in that the Pirelli WRC studded tires are not a tire racers some other brand of sitting in their garage.

Distribution Pneus RT is a massive tire company in Quebec. They warehouse tens of thousands of tires. We're lucky that the guy at the top has done some rally racing himself, and that he's willing to make these huge orders and have a pile of rally tires sit in the corner and let them go for a markup that probably doesn't even cover the storage and transport cost.

Distribution Pneus RT Sales:
Miguel Belanger: 1.819.823.2139 x3641
David Cameron: 1.819.823.7638 x7638
Code	Size		Model		Compound	Diameter	wheel		List	CXE Price
2081400	175/70R15	Left K4		Med 		24.5"		5.5" to 6" 	$239  	$209CAD 
2081500	175/70R15	Right K4 	Med 		24.5" 		5.5" to 6" 	$239  	$209CAD 
2082400	205/65R15	Left K4 	Med 		25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$321  	$279CAD 
2082500	205/65R15	Right K4 	Med 		25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$321  	$279CAD 
2568500	205/65R15	Left K4 RF 	Med 		25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$330  	$288CAD 
2568600	205/65R15	Right K4 RF 	Med 		25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$330  	$288CAD 
2082600	205/65R15	Left KM4 	Med 		25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$321  	$279CAD 
2082700	205/65R15	Right KM4 	Med 		25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$321  	$279CAD 
2394300	205/65R15	Left KM6 	Soft 		25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$321  	$279CAD 
2394200	205/65R15	Right KM6 	Soft 		25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$321  	$279CAD 
2381500	205/65R15	Left K8 	Super-Soft	25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$321  	$279CAD 
2381400	205/65R15	Right K8 	Super-Soft	25.5" 		6.5" to 7" 	$321  	$279CAD 


2017 Season Points