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I found some great roads near me, does NRS want to come out here and put on a rally?

So, you found some great twisty roads? Awesome! You would love to see a rally happen there? So would NASA Rally Sport! Is NRS going to come out there and put on a rally? Well, no, that's not how this sport works.

First, NRS isn't short of roads. We know about some great roads, that are available to be closed for racing, that are currently sitting by with no one racing on them at all. It's not that we can't find roads to race on. It's much more that organizing rallies isn't the service performed by a rally sanctioning body. Take a look at these two other articles and you can learn a little about how various parts of making a rally happen are split up:

What this means is that for a new rally to happen in your area, there's going to have to be a group of volunteers there who make it happen. NASA Rally Sport can help, absolutely! We can give you checklists of what to do, sample documents, coach you on how to approach landowners and deal with municipalities, provide equipment, spin up a whole bunch of technology for you, and be there on race day to help with scoring and registration and tech.

New events always start with local enthusiasts! And that could be you!