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2016 Magnum Opus Rally - Racers

Schedule - Racers
Thursday June 16
06:00PM 06:55PM Membership and Licensing Luce Co. Fairgrounds
06:00PM 09:00PM Racer Registration Luce Co. Fairgrounds
07:00PM 08:30PM MTC Social Hour Zellars Villiage Inn
Friday June 17
08:30AM 09:00AM Newbie Breakfast Zellars Villiage Inn
09:00AM 11:30AM NCO - Novice Competitor Orientation Zellars Villiage Inn
09:00AM 03:00PM Racer Registration Luce Co. Fairgrounds
09:00AM 10:00AM Tech Inspection for Thursday Registrants Only Luce County Fairgrounds
10:00AM 03:30PM Technical Inspection Luce County Fairgrounds
12:00PM 01:00PM MTC Social Hour Pizza Place
01:30PM 02:25PM Membership and Licensing Luce Co. Fairgrounds
03:00PM Service Park Opens Luce County Fairgrounds
03:30PM 04:30PM Late Tech Inspection by Appointment Only Luce County Fairgrounds
04:00PM 06:00PM Parc Expose Ace Hardware Plaza
05:01PM First Vehicle Starts Rally Ace Hardware Plaza
08:00PM 09:30PM Service 30 min Luce County Fairgrounds
08:00PM Super Special Stage Luce County Fairgrounds
10:50PM First Vehicle Finishes Day One Luce Co Fairgrounds
Saturday June 18
08:00AM Service Park Opens Seney, MI
09:00AM 10:30AM Parc Expose Seney, MI
09:30AM Drivers Meeting Seney, MI
10:01AM First Vehicle Starts Rally Seney, MI
11:45AM 01:00PM Service 30 min. Seney, MI
02:00PM 04:00PM Service 60 min. Seney, MI
05:15PM First Vehicle Finishes Rally Seney, MI
07:00PM 10:30PM Awards Ceremony Luce County Fairgrounds
09:00PM Afterparty Zellars Villiage Inn
Sunday June 19
08:00AM 10:00AM Post Rally Pre-Departure Breakfast Picklemans