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2017 Frazier Mountain Rally - Racers

Schedule - Racers
Friday May 19
06:00PM 09:00PM Competitor Registration Falcons Nest
06:00PM 09:00PM Technical Inspection South Kern Christian Church
Saturday May 20
07:00AM 09:00AM Late Competitor Registration (by appt only) Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
07:00AM 09:00AM Late Technical Inspection (by appt only) South Kern Christian Church
07:00AM 09:00AM NRS and CRS credentials Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
08:00AM 09:00AM Novice Competitor Orientation (NCO) Falcon Nest
09:45AM Stage Note Familiarization Pass Briefing Frazier Mtn Service Area
10:00AM 12:00PM Stage Notes Familiarization Pass (one pass caravan) Frazier Mtn
12:00PM 12:20PM Driver meeting Frazier Mtn Service Area
01:00PM First Car Out - MTC 1 MTC 1 (Service Area)
01:13PM First Car Out - Stage 1 Stage 1
07:01PM First Car Finishes - MTC 3 MTC 3 (Service Area)
08:00PM 08:30PM Provisional Scores Falcons Nest
08:30PM Champagne Spray & Awards Falcons Nest