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2013 Black River Stages Live Coverage

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Image: Eric Wages
Friday September 20 9:14 AM
Dirty Rallysport is having loads of trouble getting ready for Black River Stages! Here they are in the Super 8 parking lot about 150 miles from the rally. The wheel just snapped right off. The adventure has already begun!

Image: Anders Green
Friday September 20 6:55 AM
Rallies run through some amazing places. Most racers have little time to appreciate the wonders that are on the sides of the stages... after all, your car goes where your eyes go! This particular example we call "The Fullerville Dunes". It's located exactly at the single chicane location of the rally, about eighty percent of the way through the Fullerville stage. The dunes are very otherworldly, surrounded by cool, mossy forest.

Image: Anders Green
Thursday September 19 5:53 AM
The moon sets on the last night before rally activity starts in earnest. This picture was taken from the shore of Lake Bonaparte, located about eight miles from Harrisville. The lake is a popular spot for racers and volunteers to stay during the rally, and Fort Drum on the west side adds to the entertainment with live artillery fire every so often.