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What are all the NRS apps?

NASA Rally Sport is the most technologically progressive rally sanctioning body in this hemisphere. No other sanctioning body has engineered even one*, and our current count is ten!!!

You can find all of the these in the NASA Rally Sport section of the Google Play Store.

Rally Checkpoint Clock
This app is used by rally volunteers all over the world. It records the times, records the car numbers, and uploads everything to a central server to be moved into the scoring generation tool.
Why you should have it on your phone: handy to show to folks you're trying to convince to volunteer.

Digital Route Book
Simply... it is a GPS odometer. But while there are plenty of those, this one connects to the NRS database and downloads the official tulips and route for the rally. So as you're going down the road, it's showing you the tulips and autoscrolling though them. And with voice synthesis, you have have it read the tulips, with a 0.2 mile heads up, over bluetooth!
Why you should have it on your phone: if you want to have a navigator with nerves of silicon who will never get distracted, you need this.

Rally Time Calculator
Again, there are many time calculators available. But this one downloads the official rally controls from the NRS database. When it's time to check in, just click on the control you've arrive at, and because the app knows all the allowed times for the stage and transit, it will just tell you when to check in, and show you all the calculations it did to come up with that answer.
Why you should have it on your phone: so you can stop doing that check in calculation fourteen times in the transit and still worrying about whether you got it right.

This app receives a variety of notifications from the NRS online tools. Things like DNFs, stages going hot, racers signing in at registration.
Why you should have it on your phone: it's fun and exciting the day of registration, and makes finding your friends easier also.

Rally Race Timer
This app is built for stage-side spectating. It automates the old trick of hitting the stopwatch as each car passes a certain tree or stump, and then figuring out who is driving faster on that stage by seeing if they are ahead or behind in the minute compared to the previous guy.
Why you should have it on your phone: take your spectating game to the next level.

One Digit Clock
This app is a clock. However, it only shows one digit. Not, like, one digit and then the next. Like you tell it "show digit 2 of the hour" and that's all it does. So if you want to show the full time of day, you need six devices. Which. Looks. Awesome. The concept is that you can make a massive time display.
Why you should have it on your phone: so you can use some leftover phones to make an awesome clock for your service area.

GPS Server
This takes the GPS data stream from your phone, and lets other devices use that stream. For example, this would let you use a tablet that has no GPS as an odometer.
Why you should have it on your phone: increased flexibility for navigation devices.

Big Bars for Driving
Often on recce you need to make call, text, or message your team, but cell coverage is weak and you can't really back up or drive down different roads. And it's hard to see those tiny little bars, do you have 1 bar or 2 bars? This makes those five bars the size of the entire screen. Now you'll know when you get signal while driving down that bumpy dusty stage road.
Why you should have it on your phone: if you're ever on rural roads and need to search for signal.

Custom Reverse Lookup
This app connects to the NRS database and lets organizers know, when their phone rings, if the caller is one of the hundreds of people coming to the rally, and in what context.
Why you should have it on your phone: If you're organizing a NRS event.

Day of the Year
This silly little app just shows you what the day number of the year is.
Why you should have it on your phone: Oh, if you want to know what day number it is. It's pretty?

*If you want to delve into it, there is a third party app that CARS uses for on of their championships, but CARS did not build it. Similarly, ARA has the same third party app skinned for one of their championships, and like CARS, ARA did not develop it.